Welcome to the International Office!

Globalisation poses great challenges but also offers unique opportunities. Our firm commitment to internationalisation stems from the conviction that being present is essential. With this in mind, ISLA Gaia is making a great effort to have a global presence and to train its staff and students in order to access opportunities wherever they are, by:

  • Promoting the participation at Exchange Programmes such as Erasmus+
  • Managing agreements and relations with over 100 Institutions from around 60 countries
  • Favouring the integration of visiting Students and Staff
  • Fostering the “Ambassadors for ISLA” Program
  • Supporting the internationalization experience of both Students and Staff
  • Implementing initiatives such as International Weeks, Country Day, Mentorship Programme
  • Promoting the participation of ISLA at International Networks and European Projects
  • Enhancing international research and development cooperation

Meet the Team

Paulo Furtado
EU Coordinator paulo.furtado@islagaia.pt
Alberto Costa
Outside the EU Coordinator alberto.costa@islagaia.pt

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Commitment to Mobility

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