ISLA-IPGT is proud to announce that it has officially become a member of the Global University Network for Innovation (GUNI). GUNI is a global initiative from leading universities and research institutions which includes nearly 290 institutions from around the world, seeking to promote and foster innovation in higher education.

ISLA-IPGT believes that it is important to stay ahead of the curve and that joining GUNI enables the institute to connect with the global community of like-minded institutions and individuals. Being part of the GUNI network will provide the institute with the opportunities it needs to collaborate with other institutions, exchange expertise, and learn from best-in-class practices.

The GUNI initiative is committed to helping its members to identify and develop innovative solutions to global challenges such as climate change, poverty, and inequality. For ISLA-IPGT, being part of the GUNI network is a chance to not only improve the quality of its own programs and research, but also to become a leader in addressing global challenges.

ISLA-IPGT is looking forward to being an active member in the GUNI network and continuing to strive for excellence in innovation and education.