The 35th Annual Businet Conference took place between 9 and 12 November 2022, in Mainz, Germany. Following the contacts previously made, ISLA Gaia was invited as a visiting institution and sent a delegation, which participated in networking activities, specific working groups, workshops and lectures.

This time, the institution was represented by Professor Dr. Firmino Silva, Director of ISLA Gaia’s Research Center and Dr. Paulo Furtado, Coordinator of the Office of Institutional Relations and Mobility.

In the ongoing internationalization agenda of ISLA Gaia, joining and participating in international networks of higher education institutions is a priority. Through Businet and, in this particular case, its Annual Conference, ISLA Gaia will be displayed to more than 200 delegates, mostly faculty and research members from more than 140 institutions from 35 countries. It allows us access to seminars, workshops and, above all, individual meetings to expand knowledge, exchange experiences and develop new and diverse collaborations, including participation in international projects.

ISLA Gaia is moving forward!