ISLA Gaia welcomed a delegation from our partners in Tunisia, L’Université Libre de Tunis, on Friday, 17 November.

It was a pleasure to meet with ULT’s General Manager, Mr. Medhi Bouebdelli, and their Academic Director, Mr. Yassine Makaddem. In this meeting with ISLA’s President, Prof. António Godinho, our Director of the Research Center, Prof. Firmino Silva, and the GRIM team, we have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), as a first step towards further specific collaboration between both institutions in the areas of research, teaching and learning, as well as student and scholar exchange programmes.

We expect a specific agreement for student exchange to be signed very soon.

May it be the beginning of a long-lasting partnership!

Alberto Costa (ISLA Gaia), Medhi Bouebdelli (ULT), António Godinho (ISLA Gaia), Yassine Mokaddem (ULT), Paulo Furtado (ISLA Gaia)